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Written by : Kim Nicole C. Pajarillo

I’m drown, drowning yet still hoping
I wanna go out, but I don’t know where if it’s North or South
Babe, please ? Help me forget
I need to go on but I don’t want to left

I know, I know this is stupid
I don’t really have enough reason
Reason to hold on, and also to go on.
Babe, I like you at first but, why ?
You’re making me crazy and ha ! I might die.

I want to stop this
I’m loosing control yet I’m also loosing my hope
You were so amazing like an angel, you’re very down to earth and easy to cope in with
I think I’m falling and I know you won’t catch me so I want to back off

I’m falling, I know
I want to climb up back
Climb up back and wait for someone again to fall with but sure he’ll catch me
I want you to save me
To save me from this missery 
But I forgot you’re the reason with this
But babe, I’m so fvcked up and not ready to drown again yet.

I’m drowning in sorrow
I’m drowning in pain
I’m drowning in tears
I’m drowning in fears
I’m drowning, I’m drowning into you

Don’t save me, no, don’t.
Babe, damn, I love you already
But, ye I know it’s my fault
I chose to gamble with this
And I, I loose…but I know it’s not even finish.
Yet, I decided to quit and don’t go till the end
Because I know, I know I’m already drowned.

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