To my fellow men out there..

Don’t give any woman any hopes of marriage and forever when you know that you can’t fulfill it. Cause it hurts when those hopes are scattered. Never play with her feelings, please. Just think about your sister before you do it. Try to touch her heart, not her body. Bring her home to introduce to your parents not to bring her in your bedroom. Steal her tears, not her virginity. Hold her when she’s weak, instead of leaving her alone. Tell her that she’s the most beautiful even in her ugliest look. Compliment her each day. Comfort her weary heart in times of depression. Cheer her up and make her laugh. When she’s mad, feed her and kiss her. When she’s down, hug her tight and make her feel special. Do everything for her. Dream together with her. Take good care of her heart for it was as precious as any riches in the world. Don’t be a man with a mouth full of lies and a heart of vanity. Don’t yell at her and utter words she doesn’t deserve. She might be a nag but she loves you more than words can tell. Don’t lose her trust, a woman’s trust is hard earned. She may tell you she loves you but she cannot trust you back again completely once you fooled her. Don’t let yourself be her cause of grief and regrets.

And lastly, be a man of dignity and conviction. Love her soul, for her more external qualities will eventually fade when you get old.


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