A. Glogic Server helps you find private servers or websites for your favorite MMORPG. We list private servers with server features for Runescape, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Lineage 2, and many others. This helps gamers find gaming sites and webmasters gain more visitors or players.

Q. How can I add my server to the Top100?
A. You can submit your website using our Google Form. 

Q. Is it free to add my server listing?
A. Yes, you can add a private server listing for free. You may optionally choose to pay for extra promotion for your server, but basic listings will always be free.

Q. Do I have to insert the HTML code or any code in my site? 
A. No need. Your website will remains here forever.

Q. I have a private server for a game but there isn’t a category for it.
A. We will create a new category.